From Sep 2020 to present

  • Give direction📍: they know how to pinpoint where a student is in their learning and help them move forward. If they see a student’s taking on something too difficult for their current level, they’ll propose a better-suited exercise, course, or next step.

  • Reassure 🤗 : if the student’s worried about their level, a mentor should reassure them that the mentorship is in place to help them. The mentor is a source of motivation for the student to proudly venture forth into unknown learning territory (many students might give up without this). The mentor should also offer general support and take context into account; this will enable them to better understand why a student is doubting themselves or why a student’s progress slows down. A student in the middle of moving, or with a sick kid is probably going to be less present or attentive. Instead of getting upset at them, mentors should try to understand where the student is coming from.

  • Represent 😎 : the mentor represents a role model for the student. In the student’s eyes, the mentor has “succeeded” in acquiring the skills required for the relevant job or subject. This reassures the student and encourages them to project into their future.

  • Focus 👇: beginner students get easily distracted. They’re motivated to start multiple courses, projects, or paths at the same time, but it’s too much! A student should focus on one goal at a time, and the mentor’s there to keep them on track.

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